Connecting to Account Reconciliation in Smart View

You can connect to Account Reconciliation anytime you start Microsoft Excel.


Before you connect to Account Reconciliation, make sure you have completed the procedures in Downloading and Running the Smart View Installer, Creating Connections to Account Reconciliation, and Installing the Account Reconciliation Extension.

To connect to Account Reconciliation:

  1. Launch Excel, select the Smart View ribbon, and then click Panel.
  2. In the Smart View Panel, select Private Connections.

    Alternatively, from the Smart View Panel, click the arrow next to the Switch to button, The Switch to button, and then select Private Connections from the drop-down list.

  3. In the text box shown in Figure 24-2, click the arrow to display the drop-down menu and select your connection.

    Figure 24-2 Quick Connection Arrow for Drop-down List

    Shows the Smart View Panel, private connection area and text box where you can click the arrow and select a data source to which to connect from the drop-down list

    If you created your data source connection using the procedure in Creating Connections to Account Reconciliation, then it should be listed under Quick Connect URLs in the drop-down list.

  4. In the Smart View Panel, expand the ARCS node, then Reconciliation Compliance, then SmartView, and then click Connect in the Action Panel.
  5. In the Login window, enter your User Name and Password, and then click Sign In.