Installing the Narrative Reporting Extension

Before you begin this procedure, complete the steps in Creating Connections to Narrative Reporting.

To install the Narrative Reporting extension:

  1. From the Smart View ribbon, select Options, and then Extensions.
  2. Click the Check for Updates, New Installs, and Uninstalls link.
  3. In Select Location for Extension Updates, select the connections to check for extension updates, and then click Get Updates.

    Oracle Smart View for Office checks for all extensions that your administrator has made available to you.

    To check for available extensions in all your connections, check Select All, and then click Get Updates.

    The dialog box expands to display a message window providing you with the progress and status of the extension query.


    If you have connections to multiple products from Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System, Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, and Oracle Analytics Cloud, you may select only the check box that corresponds to your Narrative Reporting connection.

  4. Locate the extension named Narrative Reporting and click the Install link, The Install link with the red arrow next to it, to launch the installer.
  5. In the popup dialog asking "Apply this extension update?", click Yes, and then click OK to close the Options dialog, Extensions tab.

    A dialog display the progress of the extension installation.

  6. A message dialog is displayed informing you that the installation is successful and instructing you to restart Office; click OK in this dialog, and then close and restart Office.

For more information on extension installation, see the following topics:

After completing the procedure in this topic, you are ready to begin using Narrative Reporting with Smart View.