Saving Ad Hoc Grids

If you have been assigned the ad hoc grid creator role, you can save ad hoc grids.

Data source types: Planning, Planning Modules, Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management, FreeForm, Financial Consolidation and Close, Tax Reporting

To save an ad hoc grid:

  1. With the ad hoc grid active, from the provider ad hoc ribbon, click Save Ad Hoc Grid.

    Saving ad hoc grids is not supported for grids containing attributes.

  2. In Save Grid As, enter a name, path to the location where you want to save the grid, and optional description for the grid.
  3. Optional: Select Submit Formatting to save any Excel formatting or cell style changes that have been applied to the grid.

    See Saving Native Excel Formatting to EPM Cloud for additional notes and guidelines about saving formatting in ad hoc grids and forms.


    If your Service Administrator has set the Smart View Ad Hoc Behavior option to Standard in your application, then the Submit Formatting option is not available.
  4. Click OK.

    The saved grid is displayed in the Smart View Panel tree list in the location that you selected in step 2.

  5. To open a saved grid as an ad hoc grid (indicated by Saved ad hoc grid icon):
    • In Oracle Smart View for Office 21.100+, double-click the grid in the tree list. When double-clicking a saved ad hoc grid in the tree, the default is to open it as an ad hoc grid.

    • In Smart View 20.200 and earlier, right-click the grid in the tree list and select Ad hoc analysis.

    Alternatively, you can right-click the ad hoc grid in the tree and choose to open it as a form.