Configuring a High Volume XBRL Taxonomy

You configure a high volume XBRL taxonomy by registering it and loading it in your Taxonomy Manager.

Before You Begin

Before you begin configuring your high volume XBRL taxonomy, you must download the taxonomy and template from your regulator's repository website. You must also connect to Disclosure Management from Smart View.

To download the taxonomy and template:

  1. Navigate to your regulator's taxonomy repository website. For example, for Colombian taxonomies, navigate to Colombian Taxonomies.

  2. Click the correct taxonomy number (for example, 103 Agricultura) for your filing.

    The regulatory provides the following for each taxonomy:

    • The required entry points (XSD files) for the taxonomy, such as Annual Consolidated, Annual Single, and so on.

    • The taxonomy itself (ZIP file).

    • The taxonomy template (Microsoft Excel file).

  3. Download the taxonomy (ZIP) and template files (Microsoft Excel) to your computer.

Figure 11-1 shows an example of the entry points, taxonomy, and Microsoft Excel template for the 103 Agricultura Colombian taxonomy.

Figure 11-1 Colombian Regulator Taxonomy Repository Example

Screenshot shows an example of the entry points, taxonomy, and template on the Colombian regulator repository website.

Connecting to Disclosure Management in Smart View

After you download the taxonomy and template, open the template in Microsoft Excel and perform the following actions to connect to Disclosure Management:

  1. Open the template in Microsoft Excel.

  2. Click options.

  3. In Connection URL, enter the Disclosure Management server information.


    You may have to restart Microsoft Excel for the server information to take effect.

  4. Click connect.

Configuring the Taxonomy

After you connect to Disclosure Management, perform the following actions to load and register the taxonomy:

  1. From Microsoft Excel, click taxonomy manager.

  2. In Taxonomy Manager, click add.

  3. Click Browse, and navigate to where you downloaded the taxonomy.

  4. Perform the following actions to add the taxonomy reference field:

    1. Next to the Actions dropdown, click add.

    2. Select Taxonomy References, and click OK.

  5. On the regulator website, highlight the XSD link for the entry point that you want to use (for example,, and paste it in Taxonomy References.

  6. On the regulator website, for the entry point that you just pasted in, highlight the portion of the filename after the date, and paste it in Entry Point.

    For the example in the previous step, you would paste ctrl-103-agr-ind-int_entry-point_2016-04-01.xsd.

  7. Enter a folder name and taxonomy name for the taxonomy, and click Save.