Working with the Report Manager

You use the Report Manager to edit and manage doclets in the Disclosure Management report.
To view the Report Manager:
  1. Open the Disclosure Management report in Smart View Microsoft Office. See Connecting to Narrative Reporting in Smart View
  2. Open a Disclosure Management report.
  3. In the Disclosure Management ribbon, click check out and then select manage to open the Report Manager.
  4. In the Report Manager, you can view list of doclets in the report such as, the Microsoft Excel taxonomy template, Cover page, TOC, Caution Note, Balance Sheet Excel doclet, Notes, Management Discussion doclets, and hidden Document and Entity Information Excel doclet.

    list of doclets in the report manager
  5. In Disclosure Management Report Manager, highlight the doclet that you want to edit, and then click update to Show Edit Mode.
  6. In Edit Mode, you can perform the following tasks: Either you can Add or Remove a doclet. Select a doclet, or Open a doclet. You can orderly position the doclet in the Disclosure Management report either by Move Up, or Move Down.
    report manager edit mode
  7. After all the changes are complete, click Done.
  8. In the Report Manager, click Actions, and then select Refresh All to update all the changes in the Disclosure Management report. Click check in to update the Disclosure Management report back in the server.