5 Managing Dimensions Using the Hierarchy Editor

Dimensions are data categories that are used to organize business data for the retrieval and preservation of data values. Dimensions usually contain hierarchies of related members that are grouped within them. Members are the individual components of a dimension that store associated data. Each member has a unique name within a dimension.

Narrative Reporting supports two methods for populating your application with dimensions:

  • Use a flat file interface to load an existing metadata database into your application. See Load and Extract Dimension Members.

  • Use the Hierarchy editor on the Dimension Hierarchy tab to manually add and manage members for each dimension using a graphical editor, as shown below. You must have Administer permission for the selected dimension to manage its members.

The Dimension Editor displays the dimensions and associated members.

Using the Hierarchy Editor, you can manage the dimensions and members:

Watch this tutorial video, you’ll learn how administrators modify dimension members using the hierarchy editor in Narrative Reporting Cloud.

video icon -- Managing Dimensions.

As a user with Administer permissions to dimensions, you can manage dimensions by adding members, modifying member properties, deleting members, managing hierarchies, and deploying the changes.