Enabling Auto Create Blocks for Configurable Calculations

When you create configurable calculations, you can enable the Auto Create Blocks option to have the system automatically create missing blocks. This can resolve issues with missing data when you run configurable calculations.

This option applies to non-Extended Dimension applications only.

See Creating Configurable Calculations.


If you are using Bottom-Up processing (@CALCMODE(BOTTOMUP) in your custom calculation, do not enable Auto Create Blocks for that custom calculation. Bottom-Up processing (@CALCMODE(BOTTOMUP) and Auto Create Blocks are mutually exclusive features.

The system creates a data block for each unique combination of Sparse standard dimension members. The data block represents all the Dense dimension members for its combination of Sparse dimension members.

Assume you have four dimensions in your application:

Table 18-1 Example of Dimensions

S. No. Dimension Type Members Total Members
1 Scenario Sparse Actual, Budget 2
2 Year Sparse FY17, FY18 2
3 Period Sparse Jan, Feb 2
4 Account Dense Sales, Cash 2

The application has six Sparse and two Dense members. Assume all Sparse members are of the Stored type.

All members of a Dense dimension constitute a block. So a block for this application will look like this:

Data for ‘Sales’

Data for ‘Cash'

This type of block will exist for each combination of stored Sparse members in your application:

Table 18-2 Example Block

S. No. Indexes Blocks
1 Actual FY17 Jan Sales (#Missing) Cash (#Missing
2 Actual FY17 Feb Sales (#Missing) Cash (#Missing
3 Actual FY18 Jan Sales (#Missing) Cash (#Missing
4 Actual FY18 Feb Sales (#Missing) Cash (#Missing
5 Budget FY17 Jan Sales (#Missing) Cash (#Missing
6 Budget FY17 Feb Sales (#Missing) Cash (#Missing
7 Budget FY18 Jan Sales (#Missing) Cash (#Missing
8 Budget FY18 Feb Sales (#Missing) Cash (#Missing

So your application has a total of eight blocks. As a general rule:

Total number of blocks = Product of all STORED sparse members of your application

In this application example, 2 members from Scenario x 2 members from Year x 2 members from Period = 8 blocks

Financial Consolidation and Close internally creates blocks in advance for consolidation during the consolidation script generation. When you create additional configurable calculations, some additional blocks may need to be created. When you enable Auto Create Blocks, missing blocks will be automatically created by the system.


Enabling the Auto Create Blocks option may affect calculation performance.

Watch this video to learn more about creating blocks:

Video icon Overview: Creating Blocks for Custom Calculations in Financial Consolidation and Close