Data Validation Rules

To implement business policies and practices, administrators can build data validation rules that are checked when conditions are met in forms. Rules can generate validation messages, enforce limits on submitted approval unit data, and designate a specific reviewer or owner to review data that meets some condition.

For example:

  • Conditionalizing the approval unit promotional path

  • Preventing the promotion of approval units that include invalid data

You define validation rules within a data form, and can specify options for validating approval units. See Including Data Validation Rules in Forms.

In the approval process, validation is run only for these actions:

  • Promote

  • Approve

  • Lock

  • Unlock

  • Exclude (Administrator action; checks to ensure that the current period is not locked)

Validation is not run when these actions are performed:

  • Sign Off

  • Reject

  • Reopen

  • Originate

  • Take Ownership

  • Start (administrator action)