Currencies store translated values for entities. Every multi-currency application must include a Currency. The Currency dimension must include a currency for each base currency assigned to an entity in the Entity dimension.

When you create an application, the system creates the Currency dimension. However, it is only displayed if the application is a Multi-currency application. See Creating an Application.

You can create members in the Currency dimension for each currency needed in your application. See Setting Up Currencies.

For each multi-currency application, you specify a currency to use as the Application Currency. When you create a multi-currency application, substitution variables are added for the currency that you select as the Application Currency. For example, if you select EUR as the Application Currency, the system adds these substitution variables:

  • ApplicationCurrency: EUR

  • ApplicationCurrencyFrom: From_EUR

  • ApplicationCurrencyReporting: EUR_Reporting

The substitution variables allow you to see what the default currency is after the application is created, and they are available to use wherever substitution variables are allowed.