Setting Form Precision and Other Options

In Other Options, you set data precision, associate context menus with the form, and enable dynamic user variables.

You control data precision by applying minimum and maximum values for different account types. For example, you can truncate and round the decimal portion of longer numbers.

To set form precision and other options:

  1. Open the form, and then click Other Options.
  2. In Precision, select options to set the number of decimal positions displayed in a cell for Currency Values, Non-Currency Values, and Percentage Values.

    Specify Minimum values to add zeros to numbers with few decimal places. Specify Maximum values to truncate and round the decimal portion of longer numbers. For example:

    Table 15-7 Form Data Precision Examples

    Value Minimum Precision Maximum Precision Displayed Value
    100 0 Any 100
    100 3 Any number greater than or equal to 3 or None 100.000
    100.12345 Any number less than or equal to 5 None 100.12345
    100.12345 7 None 100.1234500
    100.12345 Any number less than or equal to 3 3 100.123
    100.12345 0 0 100
    100.12345 2 4 100.1234
    100 2 4 100.00


    • By default, the precision settings that you select here override the precision set for the currency member. If instead you want the currency member’s precision setting to apply for the form, select Use Currency member precision setting.

    • Precision settings affect only the display of values, not their stored values, which are more accurate. For example, if Minimum Precision is set to 2, and if the system spreads the value 100 from Q1 into the months January, February, and March, the month cells display 33.33 when they are not selected. When they are selected, they display their more accurate values (for example, 33.33333333333333).

  3. In Context Menus, associate menus with the form by selecting them from Available Menus and moving them to Selected Menus, using the right and left arrows.
  4. If you select multiple menus, use the Up and Down arrows to set the order in which they display.
  5. Select Enable Dynamic User Variables to allow dynamic user variables in the form.
  6. Click Save.