Creating Simple Forms

Creating simple forms involves these steps:

Table 15-1 Simple Form Creation Checklist

Task See This Topic
Set form layout, including:

Adding form rows and columns

Assigning dimensions to columns and rows

Selecting dimension members for forms

Setting grid properties for the form

Setting dimension properties

Adding formula rows and columns

Setting display properties for the form

Setting printing options for the form

Adding and updating validation rules in forms

Define page axis and Point of View Page Axis and Point of View
Set form precision, context menu associations, and whether to enable dynamic user variables Setting Form Precision and Other Options
Define access permissions See Assigning Access to Forms and Folders.
Design formula rows and columns Adding Formula Rows and Columns

To create simple forms:

  1. Click the Navigator icon Navigator icon.
  2. Under Create and Manage, click Forms.
  3. Click Actions, and then select Create simple form.
  4. On the Properties tab, provide a form name of up to 80 characters, and an optional description of up to 255 characters.
  5. Select the Cube associated with the form.
  6. Optional: Provide instructions for working with the form.
  7. Click Next to specify the form layout.

You can also create composite forms, which are forms that display several simple forms simultaneously. See Creating Composite Forms.