2 Implement Financial Consolidation and Close Checklist for Service Administrators

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Welcome, Financial Consolidation and Close Service Administrators!

service administrator role

Here’s a checklist to help you step through your Financial Consolidation and Close implementation, with links to documentation and other resources.


This checklist is meant to be a general guideline for tasks to be performed for a Financial Consolidation and Close implementation. It is assumed that the Identity Domain Administrator has created users and granted predefined roles. There may be more or fewer tasks required for this role on Day 1, depending on the involvement of implementation partners, your organization’s requirements, and the application design.

Review and bookmark the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Operations Guide

create an application

  1. Open the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Operations Guide and review and bookmark the Troubleshooting chapter for resolution information and the Requests chapter for optional updates.

  2. Read this: Enrolling in the Implementation Success Program (20 minutes)

Create an application

create an application

  1. Establish the goals, key objectives, and scope of your application

    Read this: Application Overview (15 mins)

    Read this: Workflow for Creating an Application (15 mins)

  2. From the landing page, create a custom Financial Consolidation and Close application via the Application Creation wizard (includes setting up start/end year, frequency, currency, customizing dimensions, and other settings)

    Read this: Creating an Application (15 mins)

    Read this: Application Design and Maintenance Best Practices (15 mins)

    Do this tutorial: Configuring Financial Consolidation and Close

Set preferences, and dimensions

set preferences

  1. Set default preferences for Financial Consolidation and Close users and many aspects of the application and the system, and create announcements for users

    Read this: Specifying Application Settings (15 mins)

  2. Set up dimensions

    Read this: Working with Dimensions (15 mins)

    Read this: Editing Dimensions in the Simplified Dimension Editor (15 mins)

    Watch this video: Dimensions Overview (3:45)

    Watch this video: Adding and Updating Metadata Using the Dimension Editor (4:29)

Set up user access

set up user access

  1. Grant application-specific roles and assign access permissions to users, groups, and Financial Consolidation and Close artifacts

  2. Read this: Managing Artifact and Data Access (15 mins)

  3. Watch this video overview: Understanding Security (2:33)

Load data and configure

load data

  1. Load data or Enter data

    Watch this video: Tips and Tricks for Understanding Data in Financial Consolidation and Close

    Read this: Importing Data (15 mins)

    Read this: Entering Data in Forms (15 mins)

  2. Build effective and efficient business rules

    Read this: About Calculation Manager (20 mins)

    Read this: Working with Rules (15 mins)

    For Complex Ownership:

  3. Create forms/dashboards/infolets for entering data

    Read this: Managing Forms (15 mins)

  4. Learn how to optimize your application for the best possible performance

    Watch this video: Financial Consolidation and Close Performance Tuning

Perform tasks

perform tasks

The following tasks may be done in any order and are optional depending on your application requirements:

  1. Set up journals for users to enter data

    Read this: Managing Consolidation Journals (15 mins)

    Watch this video: Getting Started with Journals (6:08)

  2. Set up an approvals process for data

    Read this: Managing the Approval Process (15 mins)

    Watch this video: Setting Up the Approval Process (4:39)

  3. Set up navigation flows to control how roles or groups interact with Financial Consolidation and Close

    Read this: Understanding Navigation Flows (15 mins)

  4. Browse the Table of Contents in the Administering Financial Consolidation and Close guide to see if other tasks are required for your implementation

    See this: Administering Financial Consolidation and Close (30 mins)l

Communicate with your users

To communicate with users

When the application is ready for use, broadcast the URL of the environment to users.

Follow your company’s process for communicating with users.