Working with Action Menu Items

The Edit Menu page displays menu items on the current action menu, including names, labels, required dimensions, icon, and type, such as URL, Form, Business Rule, Menu Header, Form, and Job.

To work with action menu items:

  1. From the Home page, click Navigator Navigator icon, and then under Create and Manage, click Action Menus.
  2. Select a menu, and then click Edit Menu icon.
  3. First time only: To add the first item to the menu, click Add Child and Save.
  4. Select a menu item and:
    • To add menu items below the selected item, click Add Child (available for Menu Header menu types).

    • To add menu items at the same level as the selected item, click Add Sibling.

    • To edit menu items and define the menu item properties, click Edit Menu Item.

    • To delete menu items, click Delete Menu Item.

    • To change the order of menu items within the same level, click Move Up or Move Down. You can move multiple items.

  5. Click Save.

    Click Save As to save the current selections under a new menu name.