Respond when Eloqua calls the status URL

When you register an app in Eloqua, you are able to specify a status URL. This URL is an endpoint which Eloqua can call to verify that your app is up and running.

Eloqua calls the status URL when a user clicks the Check Connection button for that app from the AppCloud catalog.

An image of an app's Check Connection button

Important: Applications have an application status associated with them. This status is either up, down, or maintenance. Calls to the status URL do not update the application status: they merely display the application's response to the user who clicked the Status button.


Suppose the user clicked the Check Connection button for AwesomeApp. The call resembles:


If AwesomeApp is operating normally, the appropriate response is an 200-level response:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Eloqua then displays the status to the user in a modal window.

An image of an app responding to the Check Connection call

Otherwise, if AwesomeApp is down and responds with a 400 or 500-level message, Eloqua indicates that it was unable to connect to the application. Or that the application is in maintenance mode.

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