Bulk API limits

Every Eloqua instance has the following soft limits by Bulk API sync type:

Bulk API Sync Type Limit
Export 2000 per hour
Import 2000 per hour
Sync Action 4000 per hour

There are many variables to sync processing. We'd expect minimal impact due to volume on its own if within these limits and following best practices. The number of syncs being executed is logged and monitored to ensure the Bulk API's stability and reliability.

Important: If the sync limit is exceeded, it is possible there will be slowdowns in processing imports and exports in Eloqua. In certain cases, it is possible that other clients could be affected. If there is impact on other clients, we may take action to alleviate the effect on those clients.

Import limits:

  • Definition limit: An import definition can include a maximum of 100 fields. The import definition will fail to create if more than 100 fields are specified.
  • Request limit: There is a hard limit of 32 MB per request when posting data to an import sync’s staging area. Requests larger than 32 MB will fail by returning a 404 Not Found response. To import more than 32 MB of data, you can make multiple posts of 32 MB (or less) to the import definition before syncing.
  • Staging limit: It is recommended to sync an import whenever approximately 250 MB of data has been posted to its staging area.

Export limits

  • Definition limits: An export definition can include a maximum of 250 fields. The export definition will fail to create if more than 250 fields are specified.

    Note: When specifying fields for an app or service instance, you can specify a maximum amount of 249 fields because AppCloud developer reserves the contact ID field, which is required to update the status of records and move them to subsequent steps or pass cloud content.

  • Request limit: There is a limit of 50,000 records per request while retrieving data from an export. You can use the offset parameter to retrieve additional records.
  • Staging limit: When exporting activities there is a limit of 5 million records per sync.

Data limitations:

Request limit: If a POST request to a data endpoint exceeds 32 MB, a 404 Not Found response will be returned. Multiple post requests of 32 MB or less must be made instead. This limitation applies to following data endpoints:

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