Application API

Oracle Eloqua's application API is a RESTful API that extends the functionality of Eloqua's automation engines, program builder, and campaign canvas, and can be used to build applications for Eloqua's AppCloud.

The application API is primarily used for asset management. Assets are the building blocks of Eloqua marketing campaigns, such as campaign elements (emails and landing pages) and components (images, file storage, hyperlinks, field merges, email headers and footers, shared and dynamic content sections, signature layouts, and rules).

Eloqua's application API is synchronous and so is not recommended for use with high volumes of data. Use Eloqua's bulk API for high volumes of data.

An application API call consists of an initial authentication and the following API call format:

[Verb] [base URL]/API/[APIName]/[APINumber]/[endpoint]

For example, a typical API call using the application API's 1.0 REST API would look something like:

GET [base URL]/API/REST/1.0/assets/emails

A typical API call using application API's 2.0 REST API would look something like:

GET [base URL]/API/REST/2.0/assets/campaigns


Detailed walkthroughs for developers on how to use the application API endpoints.


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