Testing your Contact Washing Machine app configuration

You can test your Contact Washing Machine app before running it on your campaign or program. This allows you to view the outcome of your configuration without updating contact data.

To test your Contact Washing Machine app configuration:

  1. Add the Contact Washing Machine app action service to your canvas and configure it.

  2. Click the test icon An image of the test tab icon..

  3. Click the add icon An image of the add icon. to select up to 10 contacts. You can search by email address or name. Replace a contact by selecting the check box and clicking the edit icon . Remove one or more contacts by selecting the check boxes and clicking the delete icon . Undo any changes you've made by clicking the Undo icon An image of the undo icon.. All test data is erased when contacts are replaced or deleted.

  4. Click Run Test.

An image of the contact washing machine test tab.

The test displays the following results for each contact:

  • Step: The step numbers in the order they were processed.
  • Condition Met?: Identifies whether the conditions were met for this step with a Yes or No.
  • Input Value: The source field value.
  • Actions: The list of actions selected in the configuration.
  • Output Value: The value written to the destination field after the actions have been processed.
  • Status: The test status for each contact. A detailed error message is displayed if the test did not complete or if the contact was not found.

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