Routing contacts based on GoToWebinar attendance

Using Oracle Eloqua's GoToWebinar integration, you can route contacts in your multi-step campaign or program based on whether or not they have attended a GoToWebinar event. In multi-session events, the total attendance duration is used.

In order to use the GoToWebinar cloud decision services, the GoToWebinar app must be installed by a Customer Administrator.

To route contacts based on their GoToWebinar event attendance:

  1. Open an existing campaign or program, or create a new one.

  2. Drag the GoToWebinar Attended? element, from the Decisions section, onto the canvas.
  3. Double-click the element to open the configure screen. The window that opens enables you to do the following:
    • Change the name of the step to something more meaningful
    • Configure the element
    • Choose to route contacts that resulted in an error to another step (see: Campaign canvas elements for more information).
  4. Click the Edit icon to configure the decision.

    An image of the GoToWebinar Attended configuration window.

    1. Select the GoToWebinar Credential you want to use for this decision.

    2. Enter the GoToWebinar ID.

    3. Set the Attendance Duration. Specify the length of time, in minutes, that a contact has to attend a meeting or event in order for them to count as having attended.

      Example: If an individual attended only 2 minutes of a 60 minute event, you might not want to consider them as an attendee in your next campaign steps.

    4. Click Save.

Important: The total minutes attended for a record with an email address are added together. If attends on Monday for 5 minutes, and again on Tuesday for 10 minutes, the total time (15 minutes) is considered for the acceptance threshold.

When a contact flows into the decision step, Eloqua calls out to GoToWebinar to determine whether the contact meets the criteria, and routes them down the appropriate path of the campaign.

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