Adding imports to a canvas

Using Oracle Eloqua's Salesforce feeder service, you can specify an Salesforce Integration app import and schedule the import's post processing actions. When the feeder runs, the post processing actions update the associated import.

You can use this service on the program canvas. The following example shows a program canvas where the Wait element is configured to run the Salesforce feeder step at specific intervals. You can also use the Salesforce feeder element with other audience steps on the program canvas to update or create contact records within a program.

An image of a sample campaign using the Salesforce feeder element.

Note: Adding the Salesforce feeder element to a canvas counts towards the limit of ten post processing actions.

To add the Salesforce feeder to a program:

  1. Open an existing program or create a new one.
  2. From the Data Sources section, drag the Salesforce feeder element onto the canvas.
  3. Configure the wait element to run at specific intervals and connect it to the Salesforce feeder step.
  4. Click Save. The canvas must be saved before you can configure the Salesforce feeder step.
  5. Double-click the element to open its configure screen. The window that opens enables you to do the following:
    • Change the name of the step to something more meaningful.
    • Click the edit icon An image of the edit button to configure the element.
    • An image of the Salesforce feeder element edit options.

  6. Click the edit icon to configure the action. The configuration dialog provides the option to select an import.

    An image of the Cloud Feeder Configuration dialog.

    Tip: If you are using Firefox and the configuration screen does not load properly, clear the browser cache.

  7. From the Imports list, select the import you want to associate with the Salesforce feeder. This creates a link between the canvas and the import.
  8. Click Save to save the configuration and then click Save to save any changes you made to the program.

When imports flow through the Salesforce feeder element, its post processing actions are run at the intervals scheduled by the wait element.

To view a report about the information the Salesforce feeder has processed, its status, errors, and other details, view its Daily Feeder Run report.

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