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Shared content is often used in emails, newsletters and on landing pages to promote upcoming events (such as conferences and webinars), to provide access to additional content, and to drive traffic for training courses. Because you can include images and hyperlinks, you can provide an easy way to click through to other content or to forms from shared content.

"Mix and match" multiple shared content in the same email or landing page to quickly build in content. For the best result, make sure that the design elements in the shared content are consistent with those in the rest of your marketing collateral (for example, use the same color schemes and buttons).

An image of an email with shared content being included.


Create shared content containing text and field merges, to provide personalized "more information" content that you want to reuse in multiple marketing collateral. This shared content can be used in event-related emails and landing pages to help drive registration.


Apply text formatting to increase customer appeal and enhance shared content. You can adjust text color, font, size and position to customize your shared content.


Include hyperlinks in an email to provide interactivity and enhance shared content. Provide a hyperlink in an email that connects to a landing page, to your website, or to an email address.


Insert images and create buttons to increase interactivity and to allow the recipient to carry out actions or clickthroughs to landing pages and/or forms.

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