Component Library

The component library allows you to store shared components that can be used in your emails, landing pages, and forms. The component library is used to store the following shared components:

  • Images and files: Store images so they can be used across your campaign assets. Store files like whitepapers, or HTML resources like scripts or stylesheets.
  • Hyperlinks: Store links to landing pages.
  • Field merges: Store field merges that allow you to pull data from the Oracle Eloqua database and insert it into a campaign asset. For example, you can use a field merge to personalize emails.
  • Email headers and footers: Store email header and footer sections that can be used within your emails.
  • Shared content: Store reusable content snippets that can be used in emails and landing pages.
  • Dynamic content: Store reusable content for emails and landing pages that can be changed based on the contact, account, custom object, or event.
  • Signature layouts: Create templates for inserting sender information into emails.
  • Signature rules: Create rules that define an email's sender information based on the recipient.

Note: The component library has a maximum storage number of 50,000 combined items. Consult Oracle Eloqua product thresholds for more information on interface and asset capacity.

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