Signature layouts

Signatures layouts are templates for automatically inserting Oracle Eloqua sender information into emails. You can create a standard signature layout that defines how signatures should look and what information they should contain. This allows you to maintain consistency in corporate branding, and it makes it easier to generate signatures for a large number of employees. A single signature layout can be created which then dynamically pulls in the details of the sender.

Example: If the sender is Carl, then the system will pull Carl's information into the signature layout (name, phone number, and so on).

Signatures are a great way to:

  • Attach the most relevant sender information depending on Signature rules
  • Build and grow relationships with prospects and clients and increase response rates.
  • Automate signature personalization.

Signature layouts can include:

  • Pictures
  • Personal messages
  • Digital signatures
  • Contact information

See some Signature layout examples

Steps to use signature layouts

  1. Setup user accounts for the possible senders. The sender's user account does not need to be active nor does the person associated to the user account need to have access to Oracle Eloqua. The user account and associated signature fields will be used to populate the email sender and the signature fields you add to the signature layout. Learn more.

  2. Create signature layouts to determine the signature fields in a signature.

  3. Add the signature layout to an email message. The email sender or a signature rule will be used to dynamically populate the signature layout when the email is sent.
  4. Optionally, create signature rules to dynamically determine the sender of a campaign email. Apply the signature rule by configuring the email step on a multi-step campaign or by configuring the simple campaign settings. Learn more.

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