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Landing pages are often the first significant part of a campaign that a contact will see and an increasingly important part of powering engaging cross-channel experiences. A contact may be directed to your landing page from social media, events, or organic traffic, as well as from an email campaign. The landing page provides the contact with more information and options related to the email or ad that brought them there. On the landing page, a visitor can be asked to participate in the campaign by reviewing detailed information, submitting a form, or clicking a button to receive additional information. The landing page moves prospects through your campaign, and gives them a clearer idea about your product and your company's trustworthiness.

Eloqua provides a landing page editor in which to create customized dynamic landing pages. Using Eloqua, you can insert visitor or contact information directly into your landing pages to provide them with a customized experience. The landing page should grab the visitor's attention, and it should give them a reason to stay and take action.

To keep visitors engaged with your landing pages, keep the following four questions in mind when designing the page:

  • Am I where I expected to be? Establish familiarity so that your visitor knows exactly where they are. If they are coming from an email, make sure that the "look and feel" of the landing page is similar to that of the email. If they are clicking through from a Pay-Per-Click advertisement on a third-party web site, make sure that the search term is the title of the landing page header.
  • Is it relevant to me? Ensure that the value proposition on the landing page aligns with what most visitors will expect. Use imagery, language, and tone to write engaging, dynamic copy. Use contact fields to personalize the site for the visitor.
  • Do I believe you? Leverage testimonials, awards, certifications, customer logos, and third-party validation to establish trust with the visitor.
  • Can I easily engage? Do not use forms that ask for every bit of information about the visitor all at once. You can gradually glean that information as you establish a relationship with the visitor. The incentive on the landing page should be matched to the effort required by the visitor.

    Example: For the visitor to download an eBook, perhaps you only need to ask them to submit three fields of information in a form rather than 20 fields. If you are providing a paid-for analyst report, you may be able to ask for more information to match the value you are providing.

Oracle Eloqua provides you with the following landing page editors to help create your landing pages:

Tip: Learn more about differentiating between these asset types.

  • Design Editor: A drag-and-drop interface that let's you easily create fully responsive landing pages without touching any code. Learn more about creating responsive landing pages using the Design Editor.

    An image of the landing pages design editor.

  • Source Editor: An HTML code editor that provides you with a live preview and HTML editor. If you're familiar with HTML code, you can build responsive landing pages with full access to the underlying code. Learn more about creating HTML landing pages.

    An image of the Source Editor for landing pages

  • Classic Design Editor: View-only version of Classic Design Editor assets

    An image of the Classic Design Editor

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