Making copies of landing pages in the Design Editor

You can make a copy of an existing landing page, this allows you to create a new landing page with slight variations without having to start from the beginning.

To make a copy of a landing page:

  1. Navigate to Assets An image of the Assets icon, which is represented by a black pencil., then click Landing Pages.

  2. To search for existing landing pages, click one of the following from the left menu:

    • All Files: Displays a list of all currently existing files available to you, and this includes files authored by others.
    • Created by Me: Displays a list of files authored by you.
    • Recently Accessed by Me: Displays a list of files recently opened by you.
    • Recently Modified: Displays a list of recently edited files, including files modified by others.

    Alternatively, find your landing page in the Recently Accessed panel or type the name of the desired file in the Search field.

  3. Right-click the landing page you want to copy, then select Copy.

    An image of a shortcut menu with Copy highlighted.

    The copied form appears in the list as "Original Name: Copy."

    An image of a copied form.

  4. Open the copied landing pages through one of two ways:

    • Double-click the file.
    • Right-click the file, then select Open.
  5. Click Actions, then select Settings to open the settings window.

    An image of the landing page Settings window.

  6. Configure the landing page settings:

    • Name: Name the landing page. The name will help you find this landing page later when you need it.
    • URL: Select a microsite and enter a vanity URL.
    • Redirect/Close: Choose one of the redirect/close options and add additional information if required for your chosen action.
  7. Click Done when you are finished with configuration.
  8. Add, remove, or modify the landing page as needed.
  9. Click Save in the upper-right corner.

You now have a renamed copy of the landing page which you can edit further without deleting or modifying the original file.

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