Creating landing pages using the Source Editor

Using Oracle Eloqua, you can build your landing page using the HTML Source Editor. Using the Source Editor, you use a combination of HTML code and standard Oracle Eloqua shared content such as images, forms, field merges, and so on. Learn more about creating a landing page using the Design Editor or uploading an HTML landing page.

To create an HTML landing page:

  1. Navigate to Assets An image of the Assets icon, which is represented by a black pencil., then click Landing Pages.
  2. Click Create a Landing Page to open the Template Chooser window.

    An image of the Create a Landing Page option.

  3. Choose a template for the landing page or click Blank HTML Landing Page.

    An image of the Blank HTML Landing Page option.

  4. Select the microsite that you want to add the landing page to from the Microsite drop-down list. Learn more about microsites.
  5. To make the landing page URL more descriptive, add a Vanity URL. The vanity URL must be unique. Otherwise, Oracle Eloqua uses an ID for the landing page's URL.
  6. Build your page using the source pane and components on the left pane of the landing page Source Editor. Learn more about the HTML landing page code requirements.
  7. To redirect visitors or change the landing page visibility, click Actions, then select Settings.

    An image of the landing page Settings window.

  8. To prevent visits to the landing page, click the Internal (Only visible within Eloqua) option. Visitors will not be able to view the landing page until it is external. Learn more about changing the visibility of a landing page.
  9. Choose the redirect option from the Redirect Settings section:
    • Don't automatically redirect or close: No redirect occurs.
    • Automatically re-direct: Redirect the user to a new page. You can specify how many seconds before redirecting the visitor.
    • Automatically close window: No redirect and the browser window closes. You can specify how many seconds before closing the window.
  10. Save your landing page.

After saving your landing page, you can preview and test it or use the URL to test it in different browsers.

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