Warning: As part of best practices, Oracle Eloqua recommends that you always use either secure or authenticated microsites (both authenticated microsites and Authenticated Portals must have secure microsites) to encrypt data that is passed between a visitor’s browser and the web server. Basic microsites are not recommended and if actively being used should be considered for change to a secure microsite.

A microsite is a miniature website, often dedicated to a specific campaign, product, or keyword. The purpose is to give a visitor (whether channeled through your website, social media assets, emails, SMS, or other channels) precise information that they can use to better understand your products and services or to make a buying decision. Each landing page that you create in Oracle Eloqua must have an associated microsite.

A microsite can have any number of web pages. Each page could also contain personalization so that details specific to the viewer (such as the First Name) are reflected on the page using field merges.

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Example: A company, Blue Semiconductor, uses https://events.example.com/example as a secure microsite: it is separate from the company's corporate website, but is consistently branded. This microsite enables Blue Semiconductor to group content specifically related to its events into one area, making it easier to track visitors that are interested in their Example event, track conversions, and so on.

Types of recommended microsites

  • A secure microsite uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt the data that is passed between a visitor's browser and the web server. This type of microsite is the preferred type over basic microsites. Normally, data sent between the browser and the webserver is transmitted in plain text. SSL encrypts the data so it cannot be intercepted by a third party, making it ideal for microsites that will involve the exchange of sensitive information, like passwords.

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  • An authenticated microsite is a secure microsite that requires visitors to log in before they can view the site's content. Authenticated microsites use SSL protocol to encrypt the connection between the browser and the web server, and user credentials to restrict access. These security features allow you to create microsites that include sensitive information, or simply information that you want to restrict to a specific audience.

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Basic microsites

  • A basic microsite, although the most straightforward type of microsite (a simple http:// domain), is not recommended. You can register your own domain or use an existing domain using Eloqua's built-in domain registration tool. We do not recommend using a basic microsite especially if you have publicly facing information and are collecting data.

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