Editing HTML landing pages using the Source Editor

After you create an HTML landing page or upload a landing page using the HTML upload wizard, you can edit the contents of the page using the Source Editor. You can use the editor to drag and drop elements into the code or change the code directly.

Note: You cannot change the URL of an Active lading page. Landing pages created using the HTML upload wizard cannot be edited using the Design Editor.

To edit a landing page in the Source Editor:

  1. With the landing page opened in the Source Editor, click one of the page view buttons in the upper right-hand corner of the canvas. You can choose to set the pane to the right, or along the bottom of the screen. This pane gives you access to the code for the email you are editing.

    An image highlighting the page view buttons

  2. Add or edit the landing page using one of the following methods:

    • Type the HTML code directly into the HTML pane. You can use standard keyboard shortcuts in the HTML pane.
    • Click one of the icons on the left-side pane. Locate the element that you want to add in the browser, then drag-and-drop the element into the code at the desired location.

      An image of an icon being dropped into the code

    • After the element is released, it is converted to code and the preview pane reflects the change in the HTML code.

      An image of the code change

      Note: If you use dynamic content, shared content, or signature layouts in your HTML landing page, the source code that displays for this content is limited. You cannot edit this content (for example, its dimensions) directly via the source code editor.

      Instead, right-click the content on the left design panel, click Edit, and then edit that content in its respective editor. Learn more about editing dynamic content, shared content, and signature layouts.

  3. To redirect visitors or change the landing page visibility, click Actions, then select Settings. Learn more about changing the visibility of a landing page.
  4. Save your changes.

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