Editing the global subscription confirmation pages

The global subscription confirmation pages are landing pages presented to contacts when they click an Unsubscribe from All or Subscribe to All hyperlink that you place into your email.

When a contact changes their global subscription status changes, the change is immediate. You can view a contact's global subscription status by viewing the contact's preferences.

An image of the Preferences tab of a contact record.

Note: After a contact globally unsubscribes, no emails are sent to them, regardless of the email groups they may have subscribed to. However, if the contact later globally subscribes, their original email group preferences are used. The global email subscription status is also retained if a contact is removed from your database. See Understanding what contact data Oracle Eloqua retains and restores.

Before you begin:

The global subscription pages are Oracle Eloqua landing pages. Because they are landing pages, you have complete control over the content of each page. However, it is recommended that each page show a very clear confirmation of the contact's action. You can brand the page and provide links to your homepage or other relevant content as desired.

To edit the global subscription pages:

  1. Navigate to Assets An image of the Assets icon, which is represented by a black pencil. > Email Setup, then click Email Groups.

  2. Select the global opt-in and opt-out landing pages:
    • To choose a page, select one from the drop-down list or click An image of the File Chooser icon. to browse to the page.
    • To view or edit a landing page, click Edit An image of the edit button .

      An image of the Global Subscription Management window.

  3. Click Save.

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