Posting submitted data to a server

The Post Data to Server processing step lets you specify a server to which you want to post submitted data.

Note: To configure this step, you must have the server URL and know the names of the server fields into which you want to post the submitted data.

To post submitted data to a server:

  1. Open a form or create a new one.
  2. Click Processing.
  3. Click The Add icon in the left pane.
  4. Double-click Post Data to Server.
  5. On the enter the URL that will receive this form's data drop-down list, select and configure one of the following options:
    Manually specify the server URL
    1. Select Constant Value.
    2. Enter the URL in the adjacent field.
    Use a form field
    1. Select Form Field.
    2. Use the adjacent drop-down list to specify the field that specifies the URL.

      Tip: You can use a hidden field to specify the server.

  6. If the form field names are not aligned with fields on the specified server, use the Field Mappings table to map the form fields to the corresponding field names used by the server.
  7. Specify when to process this step.
  8. Click Save.