Dynamic Content by Email report


This report shows dynamic content rule performance by email for the date range specified.

  • Folder location: Catalog/Shared Folders/Email
  • Subject area: Dynamic Content
  • Questions this report helps you answer: How are my dynamic content rules performing in terms of clickthroughs and opens?
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Good to know

  • Insight does not track dynamic rule changes or updates, and doesn't report on different versions of the same rule separately.
  • This report only shows dynamic content used in emails.
  • This report allows you to use data from July 2017 to the present day.
  • Clickthrough data is available for emails sent after the 19C update on your Pod.
  • This report displays up to 1,000 rows per page.

Sample report

An image of the Dynamic Content by Email report

Report prompts

Prompt Description
Email Send Date

Select either the time span (last 7, 14, or 30 days) or enter a date range.

Email Name Select a single email to display.

Report metrics

Metric Description
Total Sends

The total sends of the dynamic content rule.

Unique Open

The first open of the dynamic content rule. One open is counted the first time the email is opened by the recipient (this metric does not distinguish between the original recipient and the recipient of a forward).

Email Open Ratio

The ratio of email first opens to the number of emails sent. (Unique Opens / Total Sends)

Total Clickthroughs

The total clickthroughs for the dynamic content rule. This includes all clicks by the same recipient for the rule.

Unique Clickthroughs

The unique clickthroughs for the dynamic content. A unique clickthrough is counted when any link in the dynamic content rule is clicked for the first time. This means that if the original recipient and a forwarded email recipient both clicked the link, only one unique clickthrough is counted.

Clickthrough Ratio

The unique clickthroughs divided by the total clickthroughs. (Unique Clickthroughs / Total Clickthroughs)

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