Form Submission Overview report


This report shows form submission metrics for a given time frame. You can use this report to give you insight into how successful a form has been, based on the number of submissions and the form’s abandonment rate.

Only submissions within the time frame specified are included in the report.

  • Folder location: Catalog/Shared Folders/Form
  • Subject area: Form Submission
  • Questions this report helps you answer: What forms are active? What forms are successful and which ones are under performing? Are there forms that are getting multiple submissions by the same person?
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Sample report

An image of the Form Submission Overview report

Report prompts

Prompt Description
Form Submission Date Range Select either the Time Span (7, 14, or 30 days) or enter a date range.
Select the Forms to Display Optionally, include only these forms.

Report metrics

Metric Description Drill to
Total Form Submissions The total forms submitted. This includes multiple submissions by the same contact. Total Form Submissions by Contact
Form Submission Rate The total forms submitted divided by the number of times the form was viewed. (Total Form Submissions / Total Form Views) -
Unique Form Submissions

The total unique form submissions. One form submission is counted for each contact that submitted a form.

Unique Form Submission Rate The unique form submissions divided by unique page views. (Unique Form Submissions / Unique Page Views) -
Form Abandonment Rate The rate that the form was viewed but not submitted. ((Total Form Views - Total Form Submissions) / Total Form Views) -

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