Form Submission Data report

This report shows the values that were submitted in a form. You can report on only one form at a time.

  • Folder location: Catalog/Shared Folders/Form
  • Subject area: Form Submission Data
  • Questions this report helps you answer: What have users entered into a form?
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Good to know

  • The Form Submission Data report provides form submissions in a pivot table view.
  • You can sort the data in this report by the outer edge of the pivot table. By default, the outer edge is the User Form Submit ID. You cannot sort the report by the form field data itself.
  • Form field data in Insight is contained by metric columns. Because of this, you cannot use custom measures, calculations, or groups.
  • If you want to export the report as a pivot table, export the report to Microsoft Excel format. If you export to CSV format, the data is exported in its raw table format where each form field is a row of data. For example, if you have 5 form fields, and 100 submissions, the Pivot Table view shows 100 rows while the CSV will show 500 rows (5x100).
  • If you have a lot of form fields and submissions, you can exceed the 200,000 row limit (and 1.4 million cells). Because the report uses the pivot table view, the actual number of rows returned by the report is greater than what is displayed in the pivot table view.

Sample report

An image of a Form Submission Data report

Report prompts

Prompt Description
Form Submission Date

Show forms sent within either a date range or a time span (7, 14, or 30 days).

Select a Form to Display Show data for these selected forms.

Report metrics

Metric Description
Form Field Value The value submitted in a form field.

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