Form Performance dashboard

The Form Performance dashboard provides a view of the overall success of your forms over a specified time period. You can use this dashboard to view the overall trend of form submissions, and view your best or worst performing forms.

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Good to know

  • The metrics on this dashboard use totals (as compared to unique counts).
  • The data available on the dashboard is updated every hour.
  • To access a dashboard report in Insight, click . The dashboard reports are available in Insight in the following location: Shared Folders / Dashboard Reports / Overall Form Performance.

Dashboard filters

Use the Filter results section to filter the form submission information on the dashboard. The following filters are available:

  • Date Range: The time frame of form submissions to display on the dashboard.
  • Form Options: Limit the form submission data on the dashboard by All Forms, or based on the campaign fields Campaign Type, Product, or Region.

Tip: If you filter by campaign data, the dashboard only shows data for forms that are associated to a campaign meeting your filter criteria.

Dashboard metrics

Metric Description
Form Submission The total forms submitted. This includes multiple submissions by the same contact.
Form Conversion Rate The total form submissions divided by the total page views. (Total Form Submissions / Total Form Views)
Form Abandonment Rate The rate that the form was viewed but not submitted. ((Total Form Views - Total Form Submissions) / Total Form Views)

Understanding the charts on the dashboard

Form Submission Trend

This chart shows the overall trend of total form submissions over the time period selected.

An image showing the Form Submission Trend dashboard and highlights the totals for a single day

Top 10 Forms by Conversion Rate or Abandonment Rate

These charts show the top 10 forms based on the form’s conversion rate or abandonment rate.

An image showing the Top 10 Forms charts

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