Spam Unsubscribe report


The Spam Unsubscribe report shows a list of contacts that have marked your organization's emails as spam. Contacts can do this using their email client. When a contact reports an email as spam, this information is recorded by the ISP and provided to Oracle Eloqua through a feedback loop that has been set up. Oracle Eloqua automatically unsubscribes any contacts that report complaints through feedback loops.

  • Folder location: Catalog/Shared Folders/Email
  • Subject area: Email Spam Unsubscribe
  • Questions this report helps you answer: Which email addresses unsubscribed via the spam process in the time frame selected?
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Good to know

  • Not all ISPs report their users’ spam complaints to Oracle Eloqua. For example, Gmail does not provide spam complaint data., Yahoo!, AOL and others do provide this data using feedback loops.
  • We recommend measuring your spam complaint rates on a daily basis and looking at 7 day and 30 day rolling windows. The Oracle Deliverability Operations team recommends that spam complaint rates should be under 0.2%.
  • Measure spam complaint rates at each ISP so that you can understand how user behavior and deliverability varies across mailbox providers.
  • You may receive complaints when:
    • You have a large number of stale or inactive contacts.
    • You email contacts on partner lists without informing them.
    • You use rented or purchased lists.

    We recommend you follow Oracle CX Marketing best practices to help avoid unwanted complaints, which can affect your sender reputation. This knowledge base article provides some complaint reduction strategies.

    This knowledge base article provides information on resolving complaints because of a high number of stale or inactive contacts.

  • You may notice multiple unsubscribes from the same contact. It is possible that a contact has unsubscribed in bulk. A common scenario is that the contact has not checked their inbox in a long time and sees many emails from your organization. They might then select all the emails and mark them as spam. This would result in the same date and time for each entry in the Spam Unsubscribe Date column. See this knowledge base article for more information.

Report prompts

Prompt Description
Spam Unsubscribe Date Show contacts that marked an email as spam during this date range.

Report attributes

Attribute Description Drill to
Spam Unsubscribe Email Subject Line The subject line of the email that was marked as spam. -
Spam Unsubscribe Email Address The email address of the email recipient. -
Spam Unsubscribe Date The date that the email was marked as spam. -
Email Name The name of the email asset. -

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