Accessing contact records in Profiler

Profiler allows you to view contact information on your mobile devices using a convenient and device friendly interface. When you log in to Profiler for the first time you will see a welcome message on the home page, this message informs you that you can search for contacts using a name or email address, as described below.

An image of the Profiler welcome message.

To search for a contact in Profiler:

  1. Select the An image of the Search icon. icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Profiler screen.

    Note: You can also use the Search Contacts field that appears on the search page when you open the app.

  2. Type a string of letters or numbers corresponding with a contact's First Name, Last Name, or Email Address field values into the Search bar. This search is not case-sensitive. The results display a list of all contacts who have a matching contact field that starts with your search criteria.

    Example: A search for Alex displays users such as Alex, Alexandra, and Alexander.

  3. (Optional) Filter your contacts:
    • Click Filter or the filter iconAn image of the Filter icon. to open the filter. The filter displays on the right.
    • Enter a title, account, city, or domain to narrow your contact search, and click Apply.
    • Click the X next to a filter to remove it. To remove all filters, click Clear.

      Note: Filtering shows users that match all of your filtering criteria (using an AND operator).

      Example of filtering by domain:

      An image of an example of filtering by domain.

      The example below shows filtering by domain of and title of CEO. The results display all users who match both of these criteria. Users who have CEO as the title, but a different domain will not appear.

      An image of an example of filtering by domain and title.

  4. Select the name of the correct contact from the list. Their contact record opens displaying their details and activities. Learn more about the information provided in Profiler.

After your first visit to Profiler, a recently-viewed contacts list is displayed on the homepage. This convenient list makes it easier to locate the contacts that you may be dealing with on a regular basis, or with whom you are attempting to establish a connection. From this recently viewed list you can select the contact's name and you are taken directly to their contact record.

An image of the recently viewed contacts list.

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