Viewing data in Profiler

When you open a contact record in Profiler, that contact's email address is displayed along with any other fields your administrator has given you access to.

An image of a contact record in Profiler.

You are also provided with a number of icons that make it easier for you to reach out to a contact:

  • Image of the phone contact icon Call the contact.
  • Image of the mailto icon Reach out to the contact via email. Clicking this icon or a contact's email address opens one of the following depending on where you are using Engage:
    • Web Engage: Clicking the Image of the mailto icon icon or a contact's email address in Profiler will open a Compose window in Engage.
    • Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook: If you access Profiler in Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook , clicking the Image of the mailto icon icon or a contact's email address opens a new compose window in Microsoft Outlook. All emails within Outlook are tracked and will adhere to contact validation rules.
  • Image of the mailto icon with a red circle and an X indicating a bounce Bounced back or unsubscribed. This icon indicates that you cannot send a message to this contact, because email bounced back or the contact is globally unsubscribed.
  • Image of the contact location icon Locate the contact using Google Maps.

Contact data is provided under three tabs in Profiler, each of these tabs provide different useful information that is easy to understand and navigate. With the contact record open in Profiler, select the corresponding tab to access the information described below.


This tab presents the contact's activities in the following ways:

  • Activities: This is a graphical representation of all the contact's activities within a specific date range. You can use the calendar icon in the upper right-hand corner of the graph to change the date range, select 30 days, 6 months, or 1 year as needed. The bars in the graph are broken down to categorize the types of activity that occurred, for example, how many times the contact opened or clicked an email. You can filter the results by selecting which activity types appear in the graph. By default, all activity types are shown, tap or click the activity type label below the graph to hide the corresponding data. You can also view the full activity details for each bar on the graph, simply tap or click an individual bar and the Activities tab opens displaying the included activities in detail.

    An image of the Activities graph.

  • Latest Activities: This section shows the contact's most recent activities. From here you can view a preview of each email or web page that the contact interacted with. This can give you a good idea about the contact's interests.
  • Activity Breakdown: This section provides a breakdown of the contacts activities, these are the same categories that are represented in the activities graph. The activities are grouped based on type. You can select any of the categories and all relevant activities open in the Activities tab, where you can view more details.

    Activities are grouped in the following way:

    • Emails Sends: The number of emails sent to this contact.
    • Emails Opens: The number of times emails were opened by the contact.
    • Emails Clicks: The number of times that links in an email were clicked.
    • Web Page Visits: Visits to tracked web pages.
    • Form Submissions: Number of forms that were submitted by the contact.
    • External Activities: Data captured for the contact's non-Eloqua (external) activities, such as attending a webinar, trade show, and so on.


This tab shows you all of the contact's activities, all events (email sent, email open and so on) are listed with the time and date on which they occurred. Here you can select any event and a thumbnail image will open (if the thumbnails option is enabled), or select Preview to see the email, form, and so on in more detail. If you want to search for specific events in the contact's record, you can do so using the search field located under the Activities tab. To view the activities from a specific date, select Filter An image of the Filter button. and enter a date in the Go To Date field, then select Apply Filter to filter the results.

Note: Email preview is available for 120 days after the send date.


This tab provides you with the contact's details. Contact fields vary depending on your security group settings in Oracle Eloqua and the views your administrator has given you access to. Select the desired view from the View list. Learn more about contact views in Profilerabout contact views in .

An image of the Details tab.

If messages to this contact have bounced back or the contact is globally unsubscribed, the following icon is displayed next to the email address:

An image of the bounceback indicator on the Details tab.   An image of the bounceback indicator on the Details tab.


This tab provides you with access to the contact's LinkedIn Sales Navigator information and will host additional social networks in the future.

Note: You cannot access the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tab in Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook.

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