Adjusting the lead score model

A lead score value is displayed for each contact in Profiler. This value is based on the lead scoring models configured in your Oracle Eloqua instance. You can customize which models appear for Profiler users by adjusting the permissions settings in Oracle Eloqua. Learn more about lead scoring

To change the lead scoring model used in Profiler:

  1. With a contact profile open, click the lead score icon to the right of the contact's name. A list opens displaying the available lead scoring models.

    An image of a drop-down list showing available lead scoring models.

  2. Select a new lead scoring model from the list. The new model is applied to the record and the lead score icon is updated to reflect the change.

Important: When you change the lead scoring model for a contact, the selected model is saved as your default model. All subsequent profiles that you view use the selected lead scoring model.

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