Setting up activity notifications

The Profiler Email Alert function allows you to set up alerts that will inform you each time a contact, or anyone from the same domain, visits your website. As a Profiler user, you are able to configure this setting on a per-contact basis. The email alerts function provides you with the opportunity to follow-up with contacts after they have expressed interest in your product or materials by visiting your website.

Note: The web alert function must be enabled for Profiler when the app is installed. If it was not enabled, you can reconfigure the app in the Apps area.

To set up email alerts in Profiler:

  1. Open the profile for the contact for whom you wish to set up notifications.
  2. Click the +Alert button below the contact's name. The Setup Alerts dialog opens.
  3. Select or clear the check boxes to specify in which cases you want to be notified.

    An image of the Setup Alerts dialog box.

  4. Click Save. The dialog closes and your web alert preferences are saved for this contact. You will be sent a notification email informing you of the contact's activities, according to the settings you configured. When you click This Contact's Activity (in the notification email), Profiler opens to the contact's Activities tab where the referenced activity is displayed.

To find and remove email alerts:

Go to Settings An image of the Settings icon. > Profiler > Email Alerts.

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