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Apps that are available for Oracle Eloqua Profiler are built on Oracle CX Apps, which is the extension framework that partners and customers can use to build apps that are available for multiple applications within Oracle CX Marketing. For more information on Oracle CX Apps, visit the Oracle CX Marketing App Manager Help Center.

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Installing apps for Profiler

Apps available for Profiler can be found in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace . Once the app is installed in Profiler, you'll be able to manage and configure it from within Oracle Eloqua.

Important: The configuration process must be done by a user with client administrator rights.

Installation is a straight forward guided experience that will generally follow these steps:

  1. Start in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and search for the app you want to install.
  2. Click on the app listing, then click the Get App button.
  3. You will be prompted where you want to install the app, if it was built to be used with multiple Oracle CX Marketing products i.e. Eloqua Sales Tools, Responsys or Maxymizer. In this case you will be installing into one of the Sales Tools products. Pick the product where you want to install the app.

  4. Log in with your Eloqua credentials, if required.
  5. Click Confirm to confirm the installation of the app into Oracle Eloqua Profiler.

Although there may be slight variances in the flow, these are generally the steps you will experience when installing an app. After you’ve installed the app, you can review its configuration and control its usage based on your individual needs.

Managing Profiler app extensions

Apps installed for Profiler are accessible from within Profiler’s app configuration. This is a bit different from other apps in Oracle Eloqua because apps installed for Profiler do not display in the main AppCloud Catalog. You must go into the settings for Profiler itself to locate the apps that you’ve installed just for Profiler.

To manage Profiler app extensions from within Oracle Eloqua:

  1. Click SettingsAn image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog. in the global header.

  2. Click Apps in the Platform Extensions section.
  3. Find and open the Profiler app.
  4. Click ConfigureAn image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog..

    Warning: Selecting the Reinstall option An image of the Reinstall icon, which is represented by an arrow pointing down towards a horizontal line. for an app will force you to go through the entire installation process again. The app will be unavailable for all users during the reinstall.

  5. Click the Apps tab.
  6. Click on the app to open the configuration options for that app.
  7. You can perform the following actions:
    • Get DependenciesAn image of the Get Dependencies icon, which is represented by a black chain link.: View any assets that are using the app's services and would be affected if the app was uninstalled.
    • ConfigureAn image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog.: Allows Marketing Administrators to set up the extension directly from Oracle Eloqua.
    • UninstallAn image of the Uninstall icon, which is represented by a black garbage can.: Uninstall and remove the app from your Profiler instance.
    • Services: View the kinds of services you currently have under the app.

Restricting access to a Profiler app using Oracle Eloqua Security Groups

There are certain circumstances where you may want to restrict who can access an app installed in Profiler. A couple of use cases to consider:

  • You are running an app pilot with a select set of trusted power users within the sales team.
  • The app is provided by a third party and requires a paid license that is not available to all sales users i.e. an account based application where licenses are only available for strategic account managers and not inside sales.
  • The App Access section within Profiler’s global settings will allow you to control who has access to an app you’ve installed.
  1. Click ConfigureAn image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog. in the Profiler page of the AppCloud Catalog.
  2. Open the App Access tab.
  3. Check the box beside Allow access only to these to security group(s).

    Note: When an app is installed, it is available to all users by default. If the box beside Allow access to security groups is checked but no security groups are selected, then all security groups are granted access.

  4. From the Select a security group drop-down, select the Oracle Eloqua security groups containing users that should be granted access to the Profiler app.

    Important: The listed security groups have been configured in Eloqua. Additionally, modifying access settings will immediately change access for users, including deletion of user settings.

  5. Click Save.

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