Sent email metrics

Once a tracked email is sent using Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook, email metrics, such as opens and clicks, are collected. The metrics are available when viewing the email in the Microsoft Outlook Sent Items folder, Engage and reporting solutions, such as Insight.

Report metrics

This report captures the following metrics.

Metric Description
Total Opens The number of times an email was opened. This includes multiple opens by the original recipient or forwarded recipient.

Oracle Eloqua counts an email as opened if the recipient loaded the tracking pixel image contained in the email or clicked a link in the email. For more information, see Calculating email opens.
Last Open The most recent date and time the email was opened.
Total Clicks The total clickthroughs. This includes multiple clicks by the same recipient. System Action links are not tracked.

When reviewing metrics, note the following:

  • Open statistics are only captured if the email recipient has the display images setting enabled for the email.
  • When the email is forwarded or replied to, and the subsequent email is opened, the opens count towards the total opens.
  • The enable tracking feature does not impact the behavior of Microsoft Outlook.

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