Page Load Tracking Tag Plugin

The page load tracking plugin for the Oracle Infinity Tag provides the following features:

  • Collects page load information based on the W3C browser navigational timing standards.
  • Runs in the browser and presents the metrics from the browser's point of view.
  • Works with browsers that support the W3C navigational timing specification.
  • Collects page load timing parameters for use in Oracle Infinity Analytics reports, such as the following example:

    Image of the initial Oracle Infinity home page where you can select an application

The page load tag plug-in creates an additional server call, so it can significantly increase server calls. It is not intend to be used as a performance benchmark for user agents.

Note: For more details about this implementation, contact your Oracle Infinity solutions consultant.


The default page load tag plugin options are set to the most commonly requested configuration. However, you can customize the configuration for your needs when required.

Enabling the plugin

Enabling this plugin adds the following line to the ODC.js Oracle Infinity Tag loader file:


Optional configuration properties

Option Data type Description
enable boolean When set to true (the default), the page load tag plugin is enabled. If this option is set to false, this plugin is disabled.
maxT integer Specifies the timeout (in seconds) for monitoring page asset loading. The default value is 2.
This option can be useful for pages that load slowly or mobile devices that may go to sleep and then wake up.
sampleRate integer

The percentage of page loads that the plugin should randomly sample and then send data for. The default value is 50.

Page load timing parameters

You can collect the follow page load data to use with Oracle Infinity Analytics reports to create dimensions and measures based on the data sent by the page load tracking tag plugin. You can then add page timing dimensions and measures to reports, which can be useful in conjunction with page- and URL-based dimensions.

Parameter Name Description
wt.tm_domContentLoaded Load time wt.tm_domContentLoaded indicates the milliseconds taken to fully load the content in the browser, including the time needed to render content and execute downloaded scripts.
wt.tm_pageDns Page domain lookup time wt.tm_pageDns indicates the milliseconds taken to lookup the domain name for the current document.
wt.tm_pageDownload Page download time wt.tm_pageDownload indicates the milliseconds taken to download the markup.
wt.tm_pageReady Page load time wt.tm_pageReady indicates the milliseconds taken before the page onReady event.
wt.tm_pageRedir Page redirect time wt.tm_pageRedir indicates the milliseconds taken for the redirect if a page redirect occurs.
wt.tm_serverConn Page connection time wt.tm_serverConn indicates the milliseconds taken to connect to the server and for the server to respond to the connection request.
wt.tm_serverResponse Server response time wt.tm_serverResponse indicates the milliseconds taken to receive the page from the server.
wt.tm_tv Plugin version wt.tm_tv indicates the version of the page load tracking tag plugin.

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