Page load parameters

Use the following parameters with the page load tracking tag plugin to populate custom reports that include information about page load times.

Load time

wt.tm_domContentLoaded indicates the milliseconds taken to fully load the content in the browser, including the time needed to render content and execute downloaded scripts.

Valid value String
Syntax wt.tm_domContentLoaded=milliseconds
Example wt.tm_domContentLoaded=157.15

Page connection time

wt.tm_serverConn indicates the milliseconds taken to connect to the server and for the server to respond to the connection request. For SSL connections, the value of this parameter will typically be larger because it includes the time to negotiate the SSL connections and SOCKS authentication. When evaluating connection times, it helps to segment by SSL and non-SSL connections.

Valid value String
Syntax wt.tm_serverConn=milliseconds
Example wt.tm_serverConn=0.005

Page domain lookup time

wt.tm_pageDns indicates the milliseconds taken to lookup the domain name for the current document.

Valid value String
Syntax wt.tm_pageDns=milliseconds
Example wt.tm_pageDns=0.43

Page download time

wt.tm_pageDownload indicates the milliseconds taken to download the markup.

Valid value String
Syntax wt.tm_pageDownload=milliseconds
Example wt.tm_pageDownload=30

Page load time

wt.tm_pageReady indicates the milliseconds taken before the page onReady event.

Valid value String
Syntax wt.tm_pageReady=milliseconds
Example wt.tm_pageReady=20

Page redirect time

wt.tm_pageRedir indicates the milliseconds taken for the redirect if a page redirect occurs. However, the data will typically be zero because the redirect will move the page before the tracking can occur—unless a callback is sent.

Valid value String
Syntax wt.tm_pageRedir=milliseconds
Example wt.tm_pageRedir=0.53

Plugin version

wt.tm_tv indicates the version of the page load tracking tag plugin.

Valid value Alphanumeric string
Syntax wt.tm_tv=media_event_type


When sent All events

Server response time

wt.tm_serverResponse indicates the milliseconds taken to receive the page from the server.

In the following example, the clip type is Windows Media, the name of the clip is Milton Presents, and the clip event type is view:

Valid value String
Syntax wt.tm_serverResponse=milliseconds
Example wt.tm_serverResponse=22.34

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