Persona service parameters

The persona service provides additional unique attributes for visitor sessions to enhance accuracy. If the persona service is enabled for your account, the Oracle Infinity Tag can encode and collect following persona parameters. You can then use them to build dimensions, measures, and filters for Oracle Infinity Analytics reporting.

Device persona

wt.p_did provides a hash value that represents the device used by the visitor. This parameter respects do not track (DNT) flags.

Valid value Alphanumeric string
Syntax wt.p_did=hashed_device_ID
Example wt.p_did=BCD21640CC11794D

New persona

wt.p_vid is generated if the wt.p_did does not match an existing persona. If the persona is matched, wt.p_vid is identical to wt.p_pid.

Valid value Alphanumeric string
Syntax wt.p_vid=hashed_visitor_ID
Example wt.p_vid=BCD21640CC11794D

Persona ID

wt.p_pid provides a hashed persona identifier generated by the persona service. wt.p_pid is typically identical to wt.p_vid

Valid value Alphanumeric string
Syntax wt.p_pid=hashed_persona_ID
Example wt.p_pid=BCD21640CC11794D

Session persona

wt.p_sid provides a unique ID for the session for use by the persona service. The value will be provided by the session cookie if one exists.

Valid value Alphanumeric string
Syntax wt.p_sid=session_ID
Example wt.p_sid=BCD21640CC11794D

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wt.p_vid, wt.p_did, wt.p_pid, wt.p_sid, persona service