Oracle Infinity IQ Quick Start Center

Welcome to the Oracle Infinity IQ Quick Start Center. This pack will give you everything you need to get started with Oracle Infinity IQ.

Getting Started

The Getting Started section is the best place to start. It explains what Oracle Infinity IQ is and guides you through basic steps from setting up simple data collection through to implementing an example use case.

Data Collection

Data Collection contains information about sending data to Oracle Infinity (including Quick Start Guides and a full Tracking Reference to help you get your website tagged as quickly as possible so that you can begin using this data across your Oracle Infinity IQ-connected products.

It also has a Parameter Reference with some samples of what parameters you could send for which scenario (for example, add to cart).

Sample Use Cases

Learn how to implement a Sample Use Case to get you familiar with the core concepts of Oracle Infinity IQ and other CX products you may be using.

Oracle Infinity IQ-connected Products

Learn how to get started with each of your Oracle Infinity IQ-connected products like Site Optimization with Oracle Maxymiser or retargeting using Oracle Infinity.