Adding predictions to actions

Note: The Predictions feature is only available to customers who have purchased Oracle Infinity IQ . Learn more about Oracle Infinity IQ.

In the process of creating actions, Predictions is an optional feature that can be accessed through the Rules screen. You can access the Predictions feature to predict the probability that certain behaviors will occur within the next five clicks. This allows you to engage with visitors and provide personalized content based on the exhibited predicted behavior.

To add a prediction to an action:

  1. After changing the behavior to Does not close session on the Rules screen, the Predictions configuration window will appear below the Filter section. This feature will not be visible for the Close session behavior.

  2. An image of the Predcitions section

  3. Click the plus button + to configure Predictions.

  4. An image of the add button

  5. From the Prediction Behaviors side panel, click the plus button + next to the predicted behavior you want to include in your Action rules.

  6. An image of the Prediction Behaviors options

  7. From the Predictions section, select a Prediction Probability value. This value indicates the probability or likelihood that the behavior will occur in the next five clicks. Select a value of Low, Medium, or High.

    An image of Prediction Probability values

  8. Once you've finished configuring the options on the Rules screen, click Continue

Once the action is enabled, you'll be able to take action on different predictions in, for example, your instance of Responsys or Maxymiser.