What is Infinity IQ?

Oracle Infinity IQ enables brands to master customer signals by applying intelligence to real-time digital behaviors, optimizing a customer’s in-flight digital journey through better recommendations, predictions, and personalization while customers are still engaged. The result is increased online conversion rates, enhanced digital experiences, and improved business outcomes.

Infinity IQ brings together all the capabilities of Infinity Streams, Infinity Analytics, and Recommendations to make a complete solution around behavioral intelligence; and Infinity IQ works together seamlessly with Responsys, and other marketing orchestration systems to provide in-the-moment recommendations and personalization to your marketing initiatives.

You’ll find the following features available in Infinity IQ:

  • Home: Initial landing dashboard upon signing into Infinity that helps you to get started, navigate to features, and inform you of what’s new.

  • Actions: Define rules for activating your behavioral data in real-time.

  • Recommendations: Deliver personalized product and content recommendations.

  • Analytics: Measure and analyze the performance of your digital initiatives with dashboards and reports.

  • Heatmaps: Visualize user behaviors on your website.

  • Connections: Enable data delivery through system-to-system connections.

  • Data Collection: Create and customize your tags for data collection.

  • Settings: Administer user access rights and other settings.

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