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Oracle Infinity helps you gain value from data and provides insights into user behavior on your websites, mobile apps, and other digital properties. It improves user targeting efforts, helps enhance content for better user engagement, and is easy to implement.

Oracle Infinity helps your marketing and strategy teams:

  • Collect user interaction data with your website efficiently. Infinity’s javascript code on your webpage captures activities on your web content.
  • Analyze behavioral data while users are visiting your website. Some examples of behavioral data are duration of website visit, searches, pages visited, and so on.
  • Augment and sessionize the collected data to make it usable for accurate reporting or for analysis in near real-time processing/streaming.
  • Utilize the collected data for downstream actions such as remarketing, content personalization, cross-sell product interest, lead generation, and customized campaigns (specific locations, age groups, cart abandoners, and so on). Actions involve connecting to other systems and providing them with accurate, optimized data that the systems can consume.
  • Ensure data privacy while collecting data. Only behavioral data (not personal data) is collected.
  • Customize collected data. You can filter only the data that you wish to view, and use it for decision making, engaging with customers, and improving targeting.

Whether you use Oracle Infinity for B2B or B2C data collection, augmentation, analysis, and actions, the application provides end-to-end streaming of your website data. Website data is collected and sessionized before sending it for streaming to Infinity.

Quick Reference for the initial tasks to set up and use Oracle Infinity:

  1. Oracle Infinity supported browsers

  2. Signing in

  3. Settings

  4. Data Collection

  5. Overview of Analytics Reports

  6. Connections

Oracle Infinity subscriptions

Because Oracle Infinity is modular, user access varies by subscription. Ask your administrator which subscription package you have access to.

A visual representation of Infinity subscriptions

What's included in each Oracle Infinity subscription

  Products available for purchase
Capability menu Description Infinity IQ Infinity Streams Infinity Recommendations Maxymiser
Actions Define rules for activating behavioral data in real-time Yes Yes    
Recommendations Deliver personalized product or content recommendations


Includes advanced Infinity Recommendations subscription (see Notes)



Includes advanced Infinity Recommendations subscription (see Notes)


Includes standard Infinity Recommendations subscription (see Notes)

Analytics Report creation and management


25 months data retention (see Notes on extended data retention subscription)


3 months data retention (see Notes on extended data retention subscription)

  Yes (see Notes on Heatmaps analytics)
Library Administer your reports, segments, and other analytics objects



Maxymiser Optimize your website or mobile app with testing and personalization Yes     Yes
Connections Enable data delivery through system-to-system connections





Data Collection Data collection via web, mobile, and any digital touchpoint Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced capabilities
User Parameters User-specific parameters based on first-party data that works across devices and sessions. Yes      
Predictive Models (Machine Learning) Anticipate a user’s actions in-session Yes      
Opportunities Rules-based and Machine Learning-based best next tactics. Yes      


  • An extended data-retention subscription is available for Analytics that updates data retention to 37 months.

  • The advanced Infinity Recommendations subscription stores up to one million inventory items and is available for web, email, and API.

  • The standard Infinity Recommendations subscription stores up to 200,000 inventory items and is available for web and mobile.

  • Heatmaps analytics requires one of the following:

    • The Infinity IQ subscription

    • A combination of the Infinity Streams subscription and the Maxymiser subscription

Oracle Infinity introduction, Oracle Infinity overview

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