Selecting, Importing or Generating Public Keys

When importing or exporting using Connect jobs in Oracle Responsys, you may choose to include special processing for decrypting files you’ve encrypted with PGP/GPG, or encrypting files with PGP/GPG for later decryption by your systems. This allows you to leverage PGP/GPG encryption as an extra level of security so that files remain encrypted on your file servers until they are needed for processing.

This email privacy and authentication service uses public-key cryptography to secure your file transfer communications. In a public-key system, each user has a pair of keys consisting of a private key and a public key. A user's private key is kept secret, and need never be revealed. The public key may be given to anyone with whom the user wants to communicate.

Note: The PGP/GPG encryption file transfer option is available on the Connect Import Processing or Export Processing page.

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