Analyze performance metrics in programs

After your program is published (executing), you can monitor it using the Analyze tab. One of the views shown on the Analyze tab is the Performance Metrics view. The Performance Metrics view shows performance metrics for each of the stages in a program.

Important: This feature is currently released under our Controlled Availability program. To request access to this feature, please log in to My Oracle Support and create a service request.

Working with the Performance Metrics view

The Performance Metrics view provides marketers with an overall view of their program's performance based on Opens, Click, and Conversions. These metrics allow marketers to identify the specific points in a program that aren't as effective or are more effective, without needing to navigate elsewhere in Oracle Responsys.

When marketers are able to improve upon their program's effectiveness, they can improve the return on investment for future programs. Additionally, these program performance metrics are consistent across the campaign monitor and live report once you click Refresh.

With the Performance Metrics view, you can:

Example: A marketer creates a program with a data switch, with one path sending an in-app campaign and the other sending an email campaign. The marketer goes to the Performance Metrics view to understand which campaign is getting the higher conversion rate. Based on the insight gained from the Performance Metrics, the marketer adjusts the data switch's data conditions in the Design tab, validates the draft, and publishes it.

Display of metrics

To see performance metrics by stage, hover your mouse over a stage. If you want the values to display without needing to hover over a stage, check the Show all values option.

Tip: If a program is no longer showing metrics when previously it had been, it's possible that the current date range doesn't capture the past movement of entries. Try expanding the range of time using the Custom date range option and click Refresh.

An image of the Show all values option

You can select which type of metric you want to see, or view all of them at once by clicking All.

An image of the Performance Metrics metrics

The Performance Metrics view displays data for individual stages related to these three metrics:

  • Opens: The rate at which the message was opened by recipients, including multiple opens.

    (Opens / Delivered) * 100%

  • Clicks: The rate at which recipients clicked on links in the message, including multiple clicks on the same link(s).

    (Total Clicks / Delivered) * 100%

  • Conversions: The rate at which conversions are taking place.

    (Conversions / Delivered) * 100%

Number of recipients flowing between stages

Once the program is published and running, all the stages defined in the Design tab will display in the Performance Metrics view. With the connectors that link stages in the Performance Metrics view, you can see the flow of entries through the program. A connector's width is proportional to the amount of entries that have passed through that path.

Hover your mouse over a connector to see how many entries have passed through.

Note: Connectors only show the number of people flowing through each path and do not display metrics.

Date range

To view performance metrics for different date ranges, switch between four options: performance over 1 day, over 1 week, over 1 month, or for a custom date range.

An image of the date range options

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