JDBC Driver Version Available

As of July 13, 2022, the latest version of the SuiteAnalytics JDBC driver is available for download. If you are using a JDBC driver, you can upgrade to the JDBC driver version and set the connection attributes.


This driver version requires Java SE 8 or later.

Prior to this version, the JDBC driver did not consider the KeepAliveTime parameter of your operating system. With the latest JDBC driver version, you can set the KeepAliveTime parameter to prevent your system from closing the connection if the Connect session is not considered active.

To download the latest driver version, log in to NetSuite. In the Settings portlet on the Home page, click Set Up SuiteAnalytics Connect. After you install the driver, you must set the required NegotiateSSLClose parameter to false.

For more information about the optional KeepAliveTime parameter and the benefits of using it, see Idle Connection Timeout.

For more information about installing JDBC drivers, see the following topics:

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